Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top Website Design - Top 3 Elements of Search Engine Optimization

MTop 3 elements of search engine optimization
Search engine optimization works with your site's usability because search engines are looking for the same things users are looking for in a Website and they will recognize and reward a usable Website design. And SEO feeds Website usability if the site is optimized properly on relevant keywords. For example, the very first part of Web usability is assisting users to find what they are seeking. Good keyword research and keyword placement in your pages does that.

1) Research keywords to be sure you are using relevant search terms that are meaningful to your prospects in your niche. Don't leave this important step out. Don't guess at what words are used to find the products and information you provide. Know what they are instead. If the cost of keyword research is prohibitive, use free tools like Google Suggest and Wordtracker's free keyword tool to help find the best keywords for your niche.

2) Use your keywords in the Web page title, description and headings, as well as in the text. Always be certain that you use relevant, researched keywords in page titles. Proper use of page titles is a primary element of implementing good search engine optimization in top Website designs.

3) Build your Website's reputation with incoming links from quality, related top Websites. This takes effort. Find Websites or reputable directories that are related and ask for a link to your site. Build the kind of quality content that will make others want to link to your Website. Purchase listings in top directories.

Top Website design is not just pretty. In fact, pretty is only beneficial if you have a usable site that is well optimized for search engines. Take an objective look at your site. Have you done everything you could to help the search engines index, understand and include your complete Website in their results?
Top Website design is a combination of usability, search engine optimization and aesthetics. If you work hard to make usability a priority, and spend time developing a pleasing and professional layout, your visitors will reward you with purchases and return visits. But without search engine optimization, all of your hard work might go unnoticed.